Uganda: CMI arbitrarily arrests Rwandan woman on day Muhoozi visits President Kagame

Agents of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, on Saturday 22, arbitrarily arrested a Rwandan woman, Alice Umutesi zwase in Kampala.

Umutesiwase operates a stall in Kampala’s Owino Market. When the CMI agents picked her, it was more of an abduction than a lawful arrest. In typical CMI fashion they forcefully took her away in handcuffs but with no arrest warrant. The accusation, hurled verbally, was “spying.”

This is the way CMI, under its director Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, behaves whenever they are after any Rwandan in Uganda. They level accusations of spying that they never back with anything. It is part of an ongoing policy of hostility against Rwanda that the Museveni regime started years ago, and that broke out into the open in 2017 when Ugandan security agencies, mainly CMI, started to perpetrate wholesale arbitrary arrests of Rwandans, including women, old men, children going to visit parents, pastors, traders, and so on.

Very many of the Rwandan nationals that they brutally arrested ended up in illegal detention, mostly in dungeons and “safe-houses” operated by CMI, to suffer inhuman torture, with none accorded consular, or familial visits.

None of them was ever produced in a court, either to defend themselves, or for CMI to present to the public why it accused these people of spying. “You can bet Umutesiwase too will not be aligned before a court on this trumped-up accusation of spying,” said an official in Kigali, speaking off the record. Moreover, he added, “even if it were to happen, it will be on these concocted charges in a military court, just to save face for CMI!”

It is apparent now that Kampala security forces haven’t stopped the victimization of Rwandan nationals in Uganda, as the arbitrarily arrest of Umutesiwase yesterday shows.

Yet even as that was happening, Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, commander of UPDF land forces, was in Kigali for a day in what was widely billed a reconciliatory visit. He was received by President Kagame at Urugwiro. Many were happily speculating how “President Museveni had sent his son in efforts to thaw relations and mend ties.”

It is out in the open however that, much as Rwanda was ready to graciously receive Gen. Kainerugaba, only deeds and action will show Kampala’s seriousness about mending ties.

But even Kainerugaba is saying one thing, CMI is doing another.

It is still abducting Rwandan citizens on concocted charges.

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