How the Government of Uganda and its Military Intelligence, CMI, operate an anti-Rwanda subversive network that includes overseas-based Rwandan negativists

YouTuber Gilbert Shyaka, left, displays documents he got from the office of the prime minister of Uganda, to falsely facilitate him get political asylum and relocate to a third country – in keeping with a long-standing campaign by the regime of Museveni, and his chief of Military Intelligence (CMI) Abel Kandiho, below left, to tarnish Rwanda with invented allegations of human rights abuses.

A Rwandan YouTuber who went missing in August last year, prompting daily accusations against the government of Rwanda by his fellow local YouTubers with claims that “the government had abducted him” and that “it had killed him”, has resurfaced, this Thursday 13, at his home in rural Gicumbi.

The YouTuber, Gilbert Shyaka, 30, is one of a group that locally disseminate a lot of anti-government propaganda, doing everything to sow hate for the administration while using ethnically divisionist messages for that. He looked the perfect tool for fellow anti-government YouTubers to accuse the authorities of his disappearance.

That was, until he came back home, and disclosed that he in fact had been in Uganda.

Shyaka has been spilling the beans, in a big way, on the bad neighborliness of Uganda.

He has revealed how operatives of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) working with Rwandan individuals based overseas – some in the UK, some in Australia – concocted an elaborate plan to get him and his family out of Rwanda, and how they planned to facilitate him to relocate to a third country (overseas) on the basis of a coached story that “he had escaped Rwanda because the government wanted to kill him.”

The first part of the plan, to stage a faked disappearance and blame it on Rwanda, took place on 22 August when Gilbert sneaked to Uganda – which was when local anti-government YouTubers such as Cyuma Hassan, Agnes Nkusi Uwimana started the clamor that “government had abducted Gilbert.”

It hadn’t worked out very well however. The original plan was for Gilbert to go together with his wife, Antoinette Dushimirimana, to Uganda, then the story would be that they “disappeared” together. But when they presented themselves at the border post at Gatuna, Rwandan border officials held the wife for questioning, because she had no ID. Only her husband did.

The authorities wanted to ask her how she planned on crossing to another country with no ID (the minimum requirement for residents of border communities needing to cross to nearby place).

As the authorities were asking his wife for some answers however, Gilbert sneaked back, to his home in Gicumbi, and opted to cross to Uganda in the dark of the night through a porous crossing. He did it with the help of Ugandan CMI agents that were in touch with him.

While in Uganda the second part of the plan would go into effect. It involved CMI, and the Office of the Prime Minister (of Uganda), to facilitate Shyaka to relocate to a third country, overseas with claims about how his life supposedly was in danger in Rwanda.

It was while in Uganda that Shyaka saw how committed to anti-Rwanda subversion the government of Museveni is. He saw how Kampala is at the center of a network of individuals or groups that work tirelessly to tarnish Rwanda with an extensive negative propaganda campaign of entirely invented incidents of human rights abuses, such as the incident involving Shyaka himself.

The plan of Kampala – and the networks of anti-Rwanda negativists that Kampala works with – is to relentlessly demonize Rwanda, with a constant flow of alleged human rights abuses in the country. The negativist message is then amplified by the likes of Agnes Uwimana, Cyuma Hassan, and other YouTubers, social media accounts, or websites allied with Kampala in the agenda to destabilize the security of Rwanda.

Museveni’s long-term agenda – that he shares with his proxies of anti-Rwanda terror groups including Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, as well as FDLR, RUD-Urunana, or FLN – is the fantasy of “regime change” in Rwanda, and to demonize Rwanda is to create the rationale, or to generate justification, if not support, for their violent agenda, according to what they think.

With Gilbert Shyaka they have run into bad luck however.

When the man saw what they were doing, he decided this wasn’t good at all. He could never be party to this evil orchestrated from Kampala, and decided he wanted out of it. It involved bad-mouthing Rwanda, with completely false and evil lies. Furthermore, if he didn’t get out, he would have to do that all his life. 

That wasn’t for him!

CMI, and overseas Rwandans’ involvement in illegal border crossings

When Shyaka first sneaked into Uganda (on 23 August, 2021), he went through a porous route around the Cyanika area, where he was received by a pseudo smuggler, who turned out to be a CMI agent, whom he identified as “Boy”.

The latter took Shyaka to another CMI agent based in Kisoro, who in turn drove him to Mbarara Military Barracks, Makenke, known to be an arm of CMI operations. From there they later transported him to CMI headquarters in Mbuya, Kampala.

There is a twist to the plot that Shyaka reveals at this point in his tale. The person that actually got him in touch with CMI is a woman called Eugenie Muhayimana, an individual living in Newcastle in the UK, who is one of the many that work with the Museveni regime. This woman had been in touch with Gilbert since April last year, when she had him speak on Cyuma Hassan’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, Eugenie Muhayimana was the one that advised Gilbert to open a YouTube channel of his own, Ijwi Ry’Impfubyi, with promises she would mobilize funds for him.

Gilbert reveals that Muhayimana was constantly in touch with him, coaching him about which hateful content to post on his channel. It was she that coached him to manufacture lies such as that “the RPF Inkotanyi led by the president of Rwanda killed his family.”

In the meantime, after his wife Antoinette failed to cross to Uganda, she took to going on YouTube channels such as Nkusi Uwimana Agnes’, to proclaim that “the government of Rwanda had abducted her husband”, and “should be asked about it.”

She was under the coaching of one Noel Zihabamwe – an Australia-based Rwandan that works with RNC, FDLR, CMI, and every other anti-Rwanda group.

Zihabamwe also coached Antoinette to write to the President of Rwanda “an open letter” and “petition the Government of Rwanda and its security organs” over the alleged disappearance of her husband Shyaka, though she knew very well where he was.

In fact, it was revealed, the letter itself was written by Zihabamwe, and Antoinette only put her signature on it.

The Australia-based Zihabamwe further encouraged the woman into further wrongdoing, sending her money so that she could make a second attempt to cross to Uganda, this time through a porous route like her husband. But security apprehended her in the act. As they took her in for questioning, they humanely delivered her two small children, 6 and 3, to her mother in law, their grandmother, in Gicumbi.

But as soon as they did, her brother in law – a brother of Shyaka called Uwihoreye – sneaked the children to Uganda, with intention to use them as more propaganda fodder, with claims that the government had “disappeared them.”

“It was just a convoluted, shameless business of which only anti-Rwanda subversives are capable,” said a border official shaking his head.

This is a first of two installation of this intriguing story of anti-Rwanda skullduggery orchestrated by CMI.

Stay tuned for the second part when we bring you more, including the role of the office of the Prime Minister of Uganda in facilitating anti-Rwanda subversion.

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