Museveni caught in his true colors, as his military is intercepted in DRC trying to get uniforms to ADF

Ugandan websites and social media accounts dedicated to anti-Rwanda misinformation were yesterday, Monday 10, trying to peddle the lie that UPDF uniforms – of the kind worn by the Special Forces Command – had been intercepted in Butembo, DRC, and that the uniforms were meant to be delivered to the ADF, by “a neighboring country.”

When Ugandan propagandists say “a neighboring country” they mean Rwanda.

To examine this piece of misinformation – first published on the Commandonepost website, one of the outlets of misinformation run by Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, and extensively disseminated by several of their social media accounts – is to realize how inept, and how easy to see through, it is.

It is a lie in fact that does far more to expose Museveni than he may realize.

Let’s begin with the claim that Rwanda was trying to send UPDF uniforms to the ADF – allegedly as “subterfuge for ADF to wear while massacring local Congolese populations, and therefore sow hatred for the Ugandan military”, allegedly because “Rwanda wants to sabotage the UPDF’s operation against ADF in DRC.”

When one looks at a map, that is where one realizes what a dilemma the CMI propagandists must have been in, to attempt peddling such a childish lie. No one with half a brain would buy it.

To get from the northern border or Rwanda, say Burera, to Mpondwe is roughly the same distance as moving from Burera to Bujumbura in Burundi.

The perceptive reader will notice that the Commandonepost story mentions that the truck was intercepted in Butembo, DRC. But anyone that knows this area well will know it is practically impossible for a truck to move from anywhere within Rwanda to Butembo. There are no passable roads for that.

Maybe the CMI fiction writers should have attempted the lie that “a neighboring country flew UPDF uniforms to Butembo!”

Another problem for Museveni’s propagandists is that it is easy to drive a truck to Butembo from the border crossing of Mpondwe in Uganda, which is just a short distance away from Butembo.

The fact is, Museveni has been caught red-handed in one of his duplicitous activities in DRC, and his propagandists are wildly trying to scapegoat Rwanda, their usual behavior.  

They are trying to deflect attention from Museveni’s embarrassment at getting caught red-handed transporting contraband military materiel into another country.

But the Congolese authorities know what they know. Ugandan military authorities transported their uniforms, passed them through their customs at Mpondwe, and trucked them to Butembo. But the Congolese blew the lid off the scheme.

The uniforms must have been destined to ADF, but it was Museveni sending them to the terrorist group, not Rwanda!

Much as the Ugandan ruler constantly claims he is fighting the terrorist group; he is doing no such thing. He in fact uses the ADF for his purposes, which can be summed up in two.

First, Museveni will invoke the group every time he wants to eliminate someone in Uganda, Muslims mostly. Anytime there is an allegation of terrorism in Kampala, in a short time Museveni’s security forces will gun some prominent Muslim down – no trial, no benefit of the doubt, nothing. One can be certain that particular person has been speaking out against misrule, or has spoken in support of the opposition. The most recently victim was one Sheikh Kirevu, a supporter of NUP whom Museveni’s gunmen shot and killed following a couple of bomb blasts in Kampala late last year.

Secondly Museveni keeps ADF in operation because he uses the group as a false pretext of “fighting terrorism”, to invade DRC, and to continue – with his brother Salim Saleh – looting and plundering the country’s resources.

In fact, seasoned analysts of the region are convinced, the November bomb blasts in Kampala (for which they also used as a pretext to kill Sheikh Kirevu) was a false flag operation, staged by Kampala intelligence agencies to create the pretext to invade DRC.

The ADF very much is a Museveni project. Jamil Mukulu the former ADF leader himself revealed it – when they brought him to court after Museveni betrayed and captured him wanting him out of the way – in May 2018.

Speaking loudly in court Mukulu said: “This government of Uganda supports ADF! But if it is a terror organization, why do they support them with military logistics and finance!”

They hustled Mukulu quickly out of the court, but he had let the cat out of the bag.  

The Ugandan president, and his brother Gen. Saleh are capable of anything. They are capable of pretending to fight al Shabab in Somalia, while selling that group weapons, fuel, and other materiel. They have turned sections of Entebbe Airport into a landing spot for contraband illegally obtained from all over the region: minerals, timber, cocoa, and other commodities from the DRC, to timber, ivory, and other parts of endangered animal species from South Sudan, and so much more illicit businesses.

Keeping ADF in business is keeping intact a component of their crime empire.  

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