Kampala propaganda machine lie that “RDF has invaded Congo” is more noise as Museveni’s current Congo adventure hits dead end

Ugandan social media trolls over Boxing Day were trying to peddle the propaganda that the army of Rwanda, RDF, was “reportedly invading the Congo.”

To show “proof” they published a photograph of a long line of trucks on a road, with RDF plates. The Twitter account of the Commandpost website – one of the main outlets of misinformation run by Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – published the picture, accompanied by a post claiming: “Rwandan army reportedly trying to enter DR Congo through Gisenyi border.” The insinuation was that this was “breaking news.”

This was an utter fabrication. The picture of the trucks in question was taken way back in 2014, during a field training exercise, and they were not anywhere near DRC. According to our sources, another telltale sign to disprove the CMI fabrication is that RDF no longer even uses trucks of the type shown in the picture.

According to a security source that spoke to us off the record, the reasons for this most recent fabrication are the same as the recent propaganda lies from Goma whereby CMI paid certain Congolese tribal elements, of the Nande tribe, to incite riots allegedly “protesting Rwanda Police presence in DRC.”

“The lies are aimed at whipping up anti-Rwanda sentiments in DRC, so as to deflect from the invasion of the Ugandan military in the same country at the end of last month,” added our source.

CMI’s anti-Rwanda propaganda has most recently gone into high gear after Museveni sent his troops to invade DRC on the pretext of “hunting ADF terrorists to flush them out of Congo.” According to Great Lakes geopolitics experts, even the bomb blasts in Kampala – on 18 November – were a false flag operation by the Kampala regime, to create the pretext of invasion. The Ugandan military then launched its invasion with a lot of cameras around, using its aircraft, heavy artillery pieces, attack helicopters, and more to shell and bomb Congolese bushes and jungles.

Expert military observers, noting that such weapons and tactics aren’t what security forces use for small groups of highly mobile terrorists or rebels, pointed out that Uganda in actual fact was testing its weapons on Congolese soil. It was a sign to the eastern Congo-based anti-Rwanda terrorist groups sponsored by Museveni that UPDF is coming to help them reorganize – after a period starting in mid 2019 when they were pulverized and scattered by DRC military operations. The Ugandan military’s invasion among other things aims to help the terrorist groups – RNC, FDLR, or RUD and others – to rebuild in their mutual goal of destabilizing Rwanda. 

“But to keep a step ahead in their campaign of misinformation, Museveni’s people create smokescreens such as the Goma riot, and now the lies about “RDF invading DRC,” added our source.

With Uganda however, the motive of looting and plundering DRC’s resources is never far from the surface. Museveni’s thirst for DRC’s natural wealth has always been matched by his thirst to destabilize Rwanda, and whenever he sends his military into the vast neighbor’s territory, one will be certain looting will be a huge part of it.

The Ugandan ruler has a long history of inciting instability in a long corridor of eastern DRC, an infamous example being clashes between Hema and Lendu militias that have led to a lot of deaths of people in the Ituri region. With the carnage as cover, UPDF units then move in to plunder gold, cocoa, timber, and more.

But to deflect attention from these and many more criminal operations, the Kampala propaganda machine has to generate a lot of anti-Rwanda noise.

With Museveni’s current Congolese adventure having hit a dead end, there will be a lot much more noise from CMI-run websites and their social media accounts.   

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