It is not new ambassador Rusoke to speak for Museveni’s anti-Rwanda machinations; it is Museveni’s decision to end them

In the usual Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) style of throwing smokescreens everywhere in their anti-Rwanda propaganda campaign, they are now claiming Museveni has sent a new ambassador to Kigali “to find a long-lasting solution to the endless squabbles between Uganda and Rwanda.”

According to an article by CMI propagandist Giles Muhame on the Chimpreports website Monday this week, the appointment of Uganda’s new high commissioner to Rwanda, Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Robert Rusoke “comes at a time of simmering tensions between Uganda and Rwanda over counter-accusations of supporting armed movements in the region.”

Here one has to pause to examine this blatant lie in its entirety.

What “armed movement” against Uganda are they accusing Rwanda of supporting?

There is none. This is a fiction that CMI long ago created, to serve as a false equivalence in attempts to counter Rwanda’s very real accusations – backed with piles of proof – pinning Kampala to several anti-Rwanda terrorist groups. Or aspiring rebel groups, all whose aim is to destabilize the security of Rwanda, or overthrow its government.

Giles Muhame is a proven liar who is paid to write and publish lies.

One needs to inform anyone he’s misled that it isn’t Maj. Gen. Rusoke that will solve the problems with Rwanda that Museveni has created. Even if Museveni were to send 25 ambassadors, equal to the numbers of years he has been plotting, or trying to execute attempts to destabilize Rwanda, that will solve nothing.

Museveni’s acts of aggression against Rwanda date back to the earliest years after the RPA’s liberation of Rwanda; back to 1996 when the Ugandan ruler sent his brother Gen. Salim Saleh to Nairobi to meet Seth Sendashonga. Saleh’s mission was to help Sendashonga create a rebel outfit, with the aim to overthrow the new government in Kigali.

Gerald Prunier, a friend of the Kampala regime wrote about this incident in a book.  

That’s only one of the earliest incidents of Museveni’s endless plots and machinations against Rwanda.

He has been in bed with every type of character and group in his obsessions of destabilizing the Rwanda: genocidaires, traitors plotting against their country (Rwanda) from within, escaped criminals, anyone.

He worked with Kayumba Nyamwasa, and when Nyamwasa’s treachery came to light, it was Museveni that facilitated his escape to Uganda, and to South Africa.

It was Museveni’s CMI that helped Nyamwasa, and other fellow traitors set up their terrorist RNC in South Africa.

There is ample proof of how CMI works with RNC, to this very moment.

It was Museveni that gave leaders of the genocidal FDLR, notably its then president, Ignace Murwanashyaka, Ugandan passports – for them to travel across the globe, to execute their plans to capture power in Rwanda, and finish the genocide they started.

Museveni’s habit of providing Uganda passports to officials of anti-Rwanda terrorist groups came most prominently to light in early 2019, when he was exposed, red-handed, after meeting with the RNC “commissioner for diplomacy” Charlotte Mukankusi. When reports, together with images of Mukankusi’s Ugandan passport circulated in the media, Museveni came out to shamefacedly claim he had met the RNC bigwig “by accident.”

Then there was the incident of two FDLR officials: spokesperson LaForge Fils Bazeye, and Theophile Abega “Kamara” the head of intelligence, who were apprehended at Bunagana, on the DRC border with Uganda in December 2015. When extradited to Rwanda, they spilt the beans.

They disclosed that they were coming from a meeting in Kampala with RNC officials, coordinated by former Ugandan state minister for regional cooperation Philemon Mateke. Uganda was asking FDLR to coalesce with RNC, and “form a formidable force against Kigali.”

There is much more of Museveni’s anti-Rwanda machinations; too many to list here.

Neither Rusoke, nor anyone else is in a position to do anything about them.

Only Museveni will stop it; or probably his brother Saleh will persuade him to realize that he has failed, miserably, and stop it.

Elsewhere in Muhame’s article, which is imbued with a patronizing tone, one finds the claim that “Kigali officials fear the UPDF’s mission in DRC (actually an aggressive invasion preceded by heavy bombardment of Congolese jungles) threatens Kigali’s geopolitical interests.”

This dubious claim (Kigali fears nothing about UPDF) is followed by another naked lie that “Rwanda has always relied on militias such as M23 to counter rebel outfits, including FDLR.”

If so, one would ask why M23 rebels actually fled to Uganda, and not Rwanda.

Chimpreports is publishing all these and other things as part of a method to obscure Museveni’s real motives in DRC – using ADF as a pretext to loot and plunder, as well as to re-establishing RNC and FDLR positions in eastern DRC, which had been pulverized following FARDC (Congolese army) offensives in mid 2019.  

Whatever the case, Muhame and his masters should make no mistakes when speaking about what is, or isn’t Rwanda geopolitical interests. Rwanda has interests, and knows them, and is ready to defend them as history shows.

CMI’s song, through Chimpreports and other propaganda outlets that Rwanda “lacks strategic depth” is only for little children.

One would be foolhardy to imagine that the size of countries determine whether they should have interests, and if they are ready to defend them beyond their borders.    

Museveni’s specialists of misinformation also keep coming back to the mistake of imagining that successful military campaigns depend on massive arsenals.

Muhame would do his paymasters a world of good by telling them things don’t work like that.

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