Uganda turns DRC into a testing ground for its weapons

When Uganda claimed that it was launching a military offensive into the Democratic Republic of Congo “to fight ADF terrorists”, they instead deployed tactics that only indicate one thing: Uganda is using DRC as a testing ground for its weapons.

According to military experts, the only use for the kind of weapons the Ugandan military, UPDF used to bombard eastern Congo on Tuesday, 30 the preceding month, is in conventional warfare against conventional enemy. That is not how to fight small, scattered groups of terrorists that are highly mobile, and that have to conceal themselves a lot to ensure survival.

Yet Uganda used the following equipment against this invisible enemy: Russian made Sukhoi fighter jets; BM 40 artillery; armored personnel carriers and other heavy artillery pieces, and attack helicopters, among others.

According to a security analyst Virunga Post spoke with, the use of air to surface missiles, and rockets like the ones in video that UPDF’s PR machinery was circulating, include: bursting fortified bunkers; destroying logistics bases; targeting a large number of fighters in billets; or targeting command, control and communication centres to shutter enemy’s decision making.

Otherwise that  type of bombardment either is meant to test their weaponry, or they are just being reckless, or both!” the analyst commented.

One has to wonder if they cannot distinguish between the concepts of conventional  warfare, counter insurgency or counter terrorism operations, experts remarked.

It is safe to say that, going by the way the UPDF enthusiastically used the opportunity to hit Congolese villages – in the process massacring a lot of helpless people as alleged  in some gruesome videos that circulated in WhatsApp groups – their only aim was test effectiveness  their weapons.

Terrorists like ADF do not mass in groups. The concept of operation of groups like these is to operate in units of small numbers that are always highly mobile to avoid detection, and  have no defensive positions. In short, such groups avoid contact fighting as much as possible in order to minimize the potential of suffering casualties.

It therefore becomes apparent that Uganda’s mission in DRC has very little to do with fighting terrorism – which is something that requires totally different concept, such as painstaking intelligence work to keep track of the enemy’s intentions, movements, and intercepting the enemy with lightly armed, specialized, anti-terrorism units.

So, unless the they are  developing a counterterrorism concept known only to themselves, the only motive for pre – assault  bombardment was to test their weapons and ammunition in Congo,” our expert source emphasized.

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