Rwanda legally deports Ugandan criminal that Kampala propaganda media falsely claimed “Rwandan security arrested him in Uganda”

A Ugandan magazine, The Independent last Friday published a story claiming that “another Ugandan had been arrested at the Rwandan border.” The facts show the man was in Rwandan territory planning crimes with three accomplices.

The Independent claimed that the Ugandan, Anthony Twijukye of Buhoro village – in the border area with Burera District – was “guarding a bean garden about 100 meters from the Rwandan border” when he was arrested. The story further claims that, “in the process Rwandan security operatives crossed through a porous border, arrested Twijukye, and whisked him to Mukaniga army barracks in Burera District in Rwanda where they detained him.

The Independent, which has long become just another outlet of misinformation for the Ugandan regime, was just inventing a story – as part of a pattern of anti-Rwanda propaganda that has been going on well over four years now.

The facts from Rwandan border authorities show that Twijukye was well inside Rwandan territory when he got arrested. No Rwandan military personnel arrested him. Rather it was members of Rwandan community border guards, known as imboni z’umutekano, that apprehended him. No one took Twijukye to any army barracks, but rather he was transferred to the Kinyami Transit Center, for the authorities to further manage his case.

One problem the Kampala propaganda media have is to always try to project upon Rwanda the criminal behavior of Ugandan security forces,” said a Rwandan commentator on security matters, adding: “but however hard they try, who can buy their lies? Ugandan security organs like CMI abduct hundreds of innocent Rwandans; they illegally jail many, and kill many. But Ugandans can only invent stories, whenever a very rare incident, involving at most one or two Ugandans, occurs.” 

According to reliable sources, Anthony Twijukye, 20, was intercepted by the community border guards last week on Wednesday 01 Dec, at 5:30. They reported that the man was armed with a machete. Twijuke was intercepted while conducting a reconnaissance on behalf of smugglers at a porous border crossing called Muhambo, in the Kaniga sector of Gicumbi District. 

The border guards were patrolling near the porous crossing when they were informed that a group of four suspicious-looking characters were coming from Uganda, into their direction. So one of the border guards, Uwariraye and colleagues took cover, in order to intercept them. They called in support because it was reported one of the suspicious characters (it turned out to be Twijukye) was armed with a machete.

The man with the machete then crossed to Rwanda – not knowing he was under surveillance – and stood in a sweet potato garden, about 10 meters from the border line. He started watching, left and right, but immediately two teams of border guards surrounded, and arrested him. The three others bolted back to Uganda.

After the community border guards arrested Twijukye, they identified him as one among a band of thieves that have been come from across the border in Uganda, to steal sweet potatoes in people’s gardens. They use the same porous source to infiltrate into Rwanda, but they also work with smugglers of the illicit kanyanga moonshine.

According to the border authorities, the day Twijukye was arrested, he was on a surveillance mission – with his three colleagues – for Kanyanga smugglers working for one Bejahe – a Ugandan that brews the moonshine. Bejahe tries to use networks of smugglers to get Kanyanga into Rwandan border communities. He brews his illicit product about 1000 yards from the border line.

As of publishing this, Rwandan authorities have deported Anthony Twijukye – last Saturday in the evening at Gatuna Border post.

They legally deported him as a prohibited immigrant, handing him over to Katuna migration officers in Uganda.

This year in June Rwandan security authorities deported a Ugandan soldier, Baluku Muhuba. He had strayed into Rwanda while dressed in his uniform, armed with a medium machine gun, and 100 rounds. He was intercepted and detained before being handed back to Uganda.

As always, Kampala propaganda websites – under the control of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – were saturated with lies that “Rwanda had abducted a UPDF soldier.”

“Lies is all they have,” said a Kigali media observer, in reference to the behavior of the CMI websites.

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