Rwandan national covertly murdered in Uganda, authorities there keep hush about it

Yet another innocent Rwandan has been murdered under mysterious circumstances in Uganda, and the Ugandan authorities have decided on a cover up of the crime. Jean Claude Uwingabire, 26, was brutally killed in Uganda’s Rukiga District, Muhanga sub-county by assailants that the authorities there are not pursuing. Sources say this reluctance to investigate the crime is a sign of tacit approval of it by the authorities.

Accounts from the deceased’s neighbors intimated to his father, Sebastian Habimana, that Uwingabire was brutally murdered and his lifeless body was whisked away by Uganda Police to Kabale Hospital. And from then, they have not heard a word, and nothing has been communicated by the Ugandan authorities to either the parents or the Rwanda government.

Uwingabire’s father who broke the news of his son’s untimely death to the Director-General of Immigration and Emigration at the Gatuna border, says that Uwingabire had been living and working in Uganda for eight years. And before his demise, he had been communicating regularly with his family. He had never done anything wrong.

The old man however was shocked when his son’s phone number called and there was a different voice on the other end, breaking the news of his son’s death. The Nyabubale village residents who spoke to the deceased’s father testified to Uwingabire’s calm and respectful behavior and were saddened by the way the young man was killed, for no other reason, apparently, other than that he was a Rwandan in the hostile environment created by the Museveni regime.

The murder of Uwingabire is similar to the killings of many other innocent Rwandans, especially in Kabale and Kisoro districts. Rwandans are killed by state security agents, or mobs empowered by the Kampala regime’s hostile stance against Rwanda and Rwandan citizens.

For a number of years the government of Museveni has been in bed with terrorist groups, mainly Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC whose goal is to destabilize the security of Rwanda, with one of their strategies being to harass Rwandan nationals with arbitrary arrests, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, and killing

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