Huye: The entire village was hit by an unknown disease

The Residents of Rugarama village, Mugobore cell, Simbi sector are worried about an unknown disease that has attacked more than 100 people in less than a month.

The villagers say they have begun to suffer with the desease during the local government elections, claiming that they have been affected for showing signs of malaria but that they have reached to health center but the desease didn’t found , Rugarama village leader Gatete jean Bosco said. “It simply came to our notice then that after a week, we were in a state of shock,” he said. of the sector and the police and some from the district, the one who came from the district came in counting all 38 families who are sick and at least a family of 2 people while the majority is 6 people now the remaining households are few and far between they are sick

some patients have difficulty getting to the health center due to lack of health insurance but with the support of the authorities they can find it and go to the hospital. Gatete added

Gatete jean Bosco also says some of the people who were able to go to the private clinic said that they had been diagnosed with typhoid fever due to poor sanitation and that the culprit was probably a tank of water in the village.

Kamaliza Claudine, a resident of Rugarama village, said that she was attacked on Monday and was later followed by her husband and a child. and the baby is also floating all over the house and we are sleeping and we are calling our siblings who came to take care of us, we went at simbi health center to give tests and the doctor told us to go home , we immediately came home and we all continued to sleep and my husband said Instead of dying here, let’s go to another clinic and see if they can help us.

Munganyinka Venelanda also said that she had been hospitalized for two weeks after being told that she was ill at Simbi Health Center. that they got me sick and they gave me pills but it didn’t work because I kept getting sick and I called my brother who lives at huye and sent a motorcycle to take me to the hospital immediately, she said I got there and they took all the tests but the disease was similar with my neighbor sick.

Now check it out with me and then they tell me I’m sick. “

The director of Simbi Health Center, Soueur UWAYEZU Aurea, said that in a statement that they had received a large number of patients from the village of Rugarama and that there was an increase in the number of people receiving medication, but continued to return. malaria cases or flu but when we get tested we find them and there are some who have been sent to Kabutare General Hospital. “

NZAMBIMANA Jean Bosco, the director general of Kabutare Hospital, says that many of the diseases are linked to the symptoms, but that the residents is showing signs of the flu and that all the diseases, including Covid 19, have been diagnosed and that the number of patients being treated at the hospital is declining. .

Executive Secretary of Simbi sector NGIRUWONSANGA Innocent said that in a statement that they were aware of the problem and that as a result of the administration’s efforts to visit the village, the people were advised to go to the clinic. “They were taken to Kabutare District Hospital, where some people went to private clinics for treatment.

NGIRUWONSANGA Innocent continues to advise the public to use boiled water to prevent diseases caused by poor hygiene but that they are going to monitor and see what is causing the disease and that in the event that it is found that every water source from the water tank will work with the REDEC project the water pipe manager opens it and sees how it is cleaned.

By Nshimiyimana Emmanuel/

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