Uganda murders Rwandan national, dumps him at border environs

On the morning of Tuesday 16 November, Ugandan authorities dumped Rwandan national Cyprien Serugendo’s lifeless body at the Rwanda-Uganda borderline.

Residents in Kanyenzuzi village of Kivuye sector in Burera district found the victim’s body lying motionless, with deep cuts and bruises before contacting authorities who took his body for a postmortem at a nearby hospital. Serugendo’s assailants murdered him and dumped his lifeless body 10 meters away from the Rwanda demarcation.

According to the family and neighbors of the deceased, he had previously gone to visit his younger brother Justin Habakurama in Kabale District for some time.

Reports coming from the community where Serugendo’s body was discovered say that the body was dumped by a group of men who used the cover of the night to toss the corpse into Rwanda and ran away.

In recent months, Ugandan authorities have graduated from harassing innocent Rwandans in Uganda, and now dump their dead bodies into Rwanda after remorselessly murdering them. Serugendo’s murder is the latest in a series of cases of harassment, persecution, torturing, and murder of Banyarwanda by either Ugandan security forces or armed mobs.

Rwandans, in thousands, have suffered abuse and harassment at the hands of the Kampala regime’s security organs and forces, which is being emulated by ordinary Ugandans who are empowered by the actions of their government with total impunity.

However, these barbaric acts have spiraled this year, with ever more innocent Rwandans victimized with no accountability.

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