Rwandan woman victimized in Kisoro over false HIV accusations, languishes in illegal detention

Rwandan national Diana Nyirantezimana, who narrowly survived death by an angry mob in Kisoro, is the latest victim of Uganda’s hostility towards Rwandans. The 25-year-old was picked on and beaten gruesomely for no reason.

However, when a few passers-by asked why she was inhumanely pounced on in such a manner, the culprits blurted out that Nyirantezimana had infected young boys with HIV/AIDS- a preposterous allegation that was proven false by medical reports.

Nyirantezimana was immediately arrested by the police on hearing the mob’s allegations before they could even hear any of her victims’ testimony.  At the police station, an HIV test was carried out and the results came out negative, even after nobody formally turned up at the police to accuse her of infecting them with HIV.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson who confirmed the negative results, the victim is still in detention despite her innocence, abuse, and human rights violations.

Victimization of Rwandan nationals in Uganda has taken a sharp turn this year, where ordinary Ugandans have persecuted innocent Rwandans with total impunity.

In addition to the belligerent treatment that Banyarwanda suffer in Uganda, the total disregard of the law when it comes to handling their cases is agonizing. In Nyirantezimana’s case, even when she was found to be the victim, her ordeal is still ongoing as she is languishing in the Kisoro police cell, illegally. And her assaulters walked freely without a reprimand.

Many Rwandans have been victimized in Uganda, their only crime being Banyarwanda. And today, ordinary Ugandans randomly gang up on innocent Rwandans, beat them or burn them, then leave them for dead, or dump them at Rwandan borders as corpses. This criminality has gone on for four years with no follow-up, investigations, or holding assailants to account.

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